Short Term Medical Plans

Some tips about Short Term Medical Insurance Plans.

  • Short term medical insurance plans are not for people who are on Medicare.
  • Short Term Medical Plans are designed to fill a temporary need for medical insurance.
  • Your coverage can start as soon as the next day.
  • You can choose as many days of coverage as you think you’ll need, up to three months at a time.
  • Plans may include a required association membership.
  • There are a few medical questions on the enrollment form.
  • Pre-existing condition exclusions apply.
  • Short Term plans don’t meet the minimum essential coverage requirements under the Affordable Care Act (what some people call “Obamacare”), and you may be subject to the tax penalty through the end of tax year 2018.
  • All applicants must be legal residents of the United States.
  • Some companies will issue “child-only” coverage.
  • Some companies offer a guaranteed issue plan.

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