Questions about Medicare Benefits ?

Helping you understand Medicare Benefits

  • Many people want help understanding Medicare benefits and the parts of Medicare.
  • I am an experienced, independent insurance agent.
  • I answer questions about Medicare benefits and plan changes all the time.

Answering questions like:

  • Will Medicare Part D cover all of my prescriptions?
  • Do I have to change my doctors or my pharmacy?
  • Does it matter which insurance company I pick?
  • Should I buy the cheapest plan ?
  • When can I enroll or make a change?

A conversation with a local, independent insurance agent

  • If you call me there is no cost, no pressure, and no obligation to buy.
  • I have been helping people in Tippecanoe and the surrounding counties since 2006.
  • I invite you to call me at 765-714-4202.

Who has the heart of a teacher

  • My goal is to help you make a decision that is in your best interest.
  • Sometimes, that means keeping the plan you already have.
  • Sometimes that means working with me to find a new plan.

Who will respectfully

  • Explain the difference between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage.
  • Find the Medicare Part D plan that covers your prescriptions most efficiently.
  • Ask you lots of questions to make sure I understand your needs.
  • Answer all of your questions or refer you to someone who can.

For People new to Medicare

  • Many people who are new to Medicare feel overwhelmed by the information and choices.
  • It’s helpful to have a conversation with a knowledgeable person about Medicare benefits.
  • You need to know how Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and Medicare Part D apply to your situation.
  • If you want to talk, then I invite you to call me at 765-714-4202.

See my Medicare Answers page.

For People already in Medicare

  • I will help you evaluate the wisdom of making changes to your current plan.

See my Medicare Answers page.